Survival Steel
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Survival Steel

With Survival Steel will allow you to light a fire in any condition, whether rain or snow. You'll never need matches again.

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Qty:    $19.95
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About Survival Steel

  • Never get caught with wet matches again!
  • Safe and Easy to use!
  • Light Your Fires Like an Expert!
  • Works Effectively in All Weather Conditions including the Rain and Snow!
  • Designed by a Survival Expert for the Outdoor Enthusiast!

When you purchase Survival Steel receive Survival Wood for ONLY 9.99

Survival Wood is cut from non-rainforest areas and we do not cut live trees. We only cut wood from non-endangered pine species. Fatwood is derived from forests which maintain sustainable yield forestry practices, and is a by-product collected from the stumps of trees that have been harvested for lumber.'

Many other fire starters available in the market are made of sawdust or compressed wood fiber and petroleum based wax products. These contain chemicals or additives that are not only harmful to you but the environment as well. Our Fatwood is 100 natural.
For fireplaces, campfires, chimeneas, pellet or wood stoves, Fatwood offers more advantages over other fire starters on the market. Unlike many other liquid or composite fire starters, Fatwood is safe, simple to use, and can be used in any indoor or outdoor situation with no mess or dangerous chemicals.

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