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Fresh N Last

Introducing "Fresh N Last" food storage system! The only storage system specifically designed to keep your food fresher, longer!!

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Qty:    $59.99
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Fresh N Last Features:

  • Save money as this product replaces the need to use endless quantities of plastic wrap
  • Unique, for sided sir-tight locking flaps, enhance food and other storage needs
  • Unique air removal pump system
  • Expels air from inside container, results in longer storage time

You've spent so much of your hard earned money on groceries only to find its all gone bad by the time you want to eat it. Fruits, vegetables - all ruined! That's cash in the trash! And look; everything is so unorganized, it’s a wonder you can find anything in there at all!

Introducing "Fresh N Last" food storage system!  The only storage system specifically designed to keep your food fresher, longer!!

In regular storage containers, air is trapped in the container, encouraging the food to spoil sooner. The "Fresh N Last" system uses a unique air evacuation system. With Fresh N Last the air that causes your food to spoil is pumped out of the container, which guarantees your food to stay fresher longer, saving you aggravation and money!

And Fresh N Last is easy to use; simply snap the lid closed creating a leak proof airtight seal, and then pump the air out to save your food and money!

Fresh N Last is also Microwave safe, freezer safe and cleans up simply in the dishwasher.

Fresh N Last is also stackable saving critical space and cutting down on all that kitchen clutter. Available in both round and square containers.

Most food sealer machines can cost up to $200 hundred dollars, and then you have to buy the spools of plastic, what a mess!

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