Giant Tomato
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Giant Tomato

Produces Bushels of Tomato Clusters Summer to Fall Basket after basket of juicy mouthwatering beauties up to 2 pounds each...

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Benefits of Giant Tomato:

• Produce up to 180 Pounds of SuperSize Tomatoes
for Less Than a Penny a Piece!

• Zooms to an Amazing 8 Feet or Even Taller in Just
90 Days!

• It’s a Virtual Tomato Factory With A New Crop of
Farm Fresh Tomatoes Each and Every Week!

Each package includes:

• 3 Tree Tomatoes
• FREE Bonus 3 Big Earlys!  (just pay s&h)

Here's one of plant science's
most spectacular developments.

This winter-wonder hybrid that's a living Tomato Factory. . . all set to reward you with bumper crops of fresh, ripe tomatoes right inside your home All Year Long! Yes, solid meat-packed beauties. . . so desperate to produce you'll feast on fresh-off-the-plant salads and sauces for months on end all for mere pennies a pound! And their so prolific, so hardy, so easy to grow a child can do it. Sent to you already pre-treated, pre-planted and pre-fertilized in professional nurseryman's starter pots, all set for you to grow pick and enjoy them by the basketful!

Sugar Baby Tomatoes
(6 Plants)

Tomatoes Sweeter Than Cotton Candy! Finally in America, Sugar Baby Tomatoes!

Tomatoes As Sweet, Luscious and Juicy As A Sugar-Packed Honey Dew Melon!
You've heard of sweet corn and sweet potatoes--now get set for the newest taste-treat from the world of 'gourmet' vegetables-- sweeter than honey Sugar Baby Tomatoes! Golden globes of goodness that'll satisfy your sweet tooth likeno other tomatoes on the face of the earth. Cause instead of the usual everyday tomato taste, they taste more like candied fruit

Add A Unique Sweet, Fruity Taste To Garden Salads--Or Eat Them Smack Off The Vine
Like Hand Fruits-Yes, discovered in Japan--where they are considered a gourmet delicacy, selling for up to $10 a basketful--they are now, finally available in this country for you to grow and pick by the armloads…non-stop…from spring to frost, for less than a penny apiece!

For Tomatoes By The Platterful, Each Day Spring To Frost-You Must Plant Now!
But supplies of these wondrous new Japanese Sugar Baby Tomatoes are still extremely limited. To make sure you do not miss out on this great new taste-treat, order today.

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