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Green Bags

Tired of throwing out rotten food? DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™ prolong the life of your fruits, vegetables and cut flowers without the use of chemicals.

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About Debbie Meyer Green Bags™

green bags

The Debbie Meyer Green Bags absorb any damaging gases that fruits and vegetables release during the ripening process. Just put your fruits, vegetables, fresh cut flowers in Green Bags and store them where you would normally store your produce and keep them fresh longer! The Convenience of Green Bags will save you space instead of using boxes or containers.


  • Produce should be DRY before placing in bag. 
    Simply place fresh produce in bags and wash/rinse produce
    as usual before use. If storing washed produce, be sure to dry
    thoroughly before inserting in bag.

  • Use one bag for each type of produce. For instance, use a bag for apples, another one for lettuce, another one for pears, etc. Even cut flowers can be preserved longer by placing arrangement in bag or pulling bag over top of vase.

  • Fold over the top of the bag---do not use twist-ties as they make holes.

Scientists involved in Antarctic exploration were searching for ways to prolong the freshness of produce. During their research, they found a region in Japan where for thousands of years farmers have been storing produce in mountain caves with amazing results.

The caves were dark, consistently cool, and dry. But it was discovered that the key to the remarkable preserving properties of the caves was a clay called "oya," and the cave mountain was made of it. The oya absorbed the ethylene gas that produce gives off as it matures. Green Bags combine ancient knowledge thousands of years old with space age technology for preserving produce.


How do DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™ work?
The DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™ absorb the ethelyne gas that is released by the food, which prevents the gas from staying in the fruit, and thus helping your food stay fresher longer.

What is the natural mineral that makes DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™ work?

Oya™ mineral form of Zeolite.  This mineral is all natural and 100 non toxic.

What is the difference in the different color DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™?
The different colors have a different effect on different foods.  The colors are as follows:

Green – Fruit/Vegetables
Yellow – Breads and Grains
Red – Meats
Blue – Cheese

What is the difference between the basic and the deluxe?
The deluxe features a zipper closure and a reinforced, double thick bag.

How big are the DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™?


Medium - 15 ¼” x 5 ¾”
Large – 17” x 7 ½”
Jumbo – 21 ½” x 9 ½”

Deluxe (w/ Zipper Closure)

Medium – 13 ¼” x 6 ¼”
Large – 15 ¼” x 7”
Jumbo – n/a

Are the DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™ reusable?
Yes, up to 10 times each.

How do I seal the DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™?
Simply fold over the top of the bag.  Do not use a twist tie, as the bag will rip.

Can I put washed produce in the bag?
Yes, but make sure that the produce is thoroughly dried before you put it in.

Can you freeze DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™?
No freezing recommended.  The whole point is to extend the usable life WITHOUT freezing!  You can open and close and use what you want daily or hourly, until finished, while retaining the just bought flavor and texture for a longer period.

Are DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™ microwavable?

How long will the DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™ preserve my food for?
It varies depending on the type of food, but up to 10 times the normal life of the food.  It is still a good idea though to keep an eye on the food to be sure that it isn’t going bad.

Can I put cut up produce in the DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™?
Yes, but please note that the juices will be absorbed by the DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™, and that the scent of the fruit will be absorbed as well.

My DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™ smells like the food I have been putting in it.  Why is that?
DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™ absorb the gases that are released by the food.  A part of those gases include the food's smell.  If the odor is getting bad, it is probably time to purchase additional DEBBIE MEYER Green Bags™


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