Magic Twist
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Magic Twist

The Magic Twist Jar & Bottle Opener/Closer is a safe and easy to use kitchen device. With no metal teeth, the Magic Twist WILL NOT puncture lids!

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About Magic Twist

Introducing Magic Twist … the revolutionary new opener that makes opening and closing bottles or jars as easy as a "Twist of the Wrist"!

Magic Twist can be easily installed under your kitchen counter either with the super adhesive tape attached to the unit or with the four supplied screws for an extra secure hold.

Magic Twist serves as an extra pair of hands to open bottles and jars as small as ½" to over 4" with a simple "twist off" or "twist on".

And Magic Twist will not puncture or damage your lids like some openers.

Magic Twist's secret is in the silicone rubber "lid gripper" that moves to one side to remove lids and to the other side to replace lids.

There's even a little diagram to tell you which way to move the "lid gripper" for opening or closing jars.
Magic Twist is perfect for people with joint pain, limited strength in their hands, or whose hands slip when trying to get the lid off a bottle or jar.

And Magic Twist is especially helpful to people who have trouble opening or closing those "push and turn" lids on medicine or prescription bottles.

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