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Witness the magic of MUZZY as your child is transformed from a curious observer to an active participant in a new language.

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We invite you to try MUZZY risk free for 30 days. Witness the magic of MUZZY as your child is transformed from a curious observer to an active participant in a new language. You don't pay until you decide to keep it.

To try MUZZY risk free in your home, please click "Continue" above or call us toll-free at 1-800 . Try MUZZY Risk Free -- all we ask is that you cover the shipping and processing charges.

Plus, we'll even include a cuddly, plush Muzzy doll and interactive software with games and activities free!

Your child is growing quickly and the all-important "window of opportunity" is wide open right now. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

MUZZY is designed for the way children learn

Developed by the BBC, MUZZY's "see and say, listen and learn" method patterns the way children learn their first language.

MUZZY starts working the day it arrives by creating a total learning environment using a unique multimedia mix of stories on DVD, songs and CD-ROM games that immerse your child in new languages.

Right now with no teaching required, your child has the natural ability to start speaking a foreign language. Early exposure to a language – any language – triggers this inborn talent. 

MUZZY follows national foreign language standards which emphasize the use of functional language, repetition and "spiraling." In MUZZY, words and concepts are first introduced, and then introduced again and again in many new contexts.

A simple methodology that's a proven success

MUZZY's multisensory teaching technique appeals to all types of learners. The more ways in which your child is engaged with MUZZY, the more quickly and naturally your child absorbs the new language. MUZZY employs a natural immersion approach, surrounding learners with visual, aural and contextual language, modeled on the way we learned our first language.

MUZZY's multi-sensory, multi-layered communication works powerfully with all new learners. The unique MUZZY design is effective for visual/spatial, verbal, kinesthetic, musical and logical/mathematic learners.

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