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James Smith Series

James Smith has been investing in real estate for over 40 years.

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The James Smith Real Estate Wealth System Workbooks

James Smith has been investing in real estate for over 40 years. He has literally taught tens of thousands of students across the US and Canada the power of real estate to strengthen your financial foundation and begin focusing on your life’s core purpose. The purpose of this Real Estate Wealth System is to provide James’ newest students with the core knowledge and techniques necessary to understand real estate, why it is one of the most effective wealth building strategies available to Americans, and how to get started today in building their own real estate portfolio.

This real estate wealth system includes access to the following materials:

  • 7 Core Real Estate Education Workbooks (described below)
  • 1 Special Bonus Workbook called The Foreclosure Prevention Kit (described below)
  • 8 Corresponding Audio Training DVDs (1 for each workbook above)
The James Smith Real Estate Wealth System is designed to provide a framework on which students can build and continue their real estate education. The James Smith organization stands ready to help students build on this education and develop their skills and abilities as they specialize in real estate strategies through coaching, training events, conferences, mentoring, and other education resources. We sincerely look forward to getting to know you and helping you build a successful real estate investing career!

Special Bonus Workbook– Foreclosure Prevention Kit

One of the greatest financial challenges facing many American families today is the growing threat of losing their homes to foreclosure. There are many reasons why families are facing this foreclosure crisis: loss of work, medical conditions, and the increased cost of living. However, most families in this situation are dealing with bad mortgage loans that finally caught up with them.

Over the last decade, predatory lenders and mortgage brokers marketed aggressive lending packages such as zero down, 100% financed loans, with low fixed rates for the first 5 to 7 years and then an adjustable rate program, or negative amortization loans that allowed consumers to pay less than the minimum interest due to keep their payments low.

Even worse, many of these loans were given to consumers that would not normally have qualified for these loans based on their income or credit scores. The result is a wave of foreclosures cascading across America.

The purpose of this special bonus workbook is to provide you an understanding of the foreclosure process, strategies to prevent or delay foreclosure, and provide a deeper understanding of your rights when to trying to resolve foreclosure. Our goal is to empower you or someone you know with the knowledge to overcome this crisis.

Workbook #1 – Quick Start Guide

As you begin your real estate investing endeavors, it is important to break down the core processes and clearly see how everything works and ties together to make a real estate deal happen in a legal, ethical, and profitable way. The purpose of this core workbook is to help our students understand the step-by-step instructions in selecting a real estate specialty, putting a business plan together, establishing a business entity, finding funding resources, building your power team, and begin doing profitable real estate deals.

The workbook is a roadmap that will enable you to be efficient in your investing efforts from the beginning. Most importantly it will teach and reinforce the core principle that one must always complete the due diligence process to be successful in real estate. The bottom-line is if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This workbook will give you the tools and insight to plan effectively.

Workbook #2 – Creative Financing

One of the most important aspects of real estate investing is having several sources of funds with which to make any given real estate deal happen in the right time frame. Today’s marketplace poses some unique challenges for investors in securing the necessary funds to act quickly on real estate deals. As such, investors are turning to creative financing solutions such as Self-Directed IRAs, Hard Money Loans, Joint Venture Agreements, Private Placement Memorandums, Seller Financing techniques, and Lease-to-Own strategies, just to name a few.

We could write a detailed curriculum that would take 3 days of in person training just to cover these topics. Our goal with this workbook is to introduce our students the power of creative financing and how to “think outside the box” when it comes to sourcing funds to make real estate deals happen.

Workbook #3 – Profiting from Tax Liens & Deeds

For years, the term “tax lien” has been a buzz phrase among investors. Even though tax liens and deeds have existed throughout the country for decades, they are one of the least understood forms of investing. The mystery surrounding tax lien and deed investing can largely be attributed to the lack of a uniform system by which they are created and sold to the public.

Our objective in this workbook was to offer to our students a simple, yet effective training source for anyone interested in learning more about tax lien and deed investing, and how to act on that knowledge to begin investing today!


Workbook #4 – Credit Repair

Want to buy a house? Get a new car? Get a loan for your child to go to college? Get insurance? Sign up for a cell phone plan? As you may know, your ability to act on any one of these financial decisions is directly affected by the quality of your credit score. This is especially true for real estate investors in today’s economy.

Lending restrictions are tighter now than they have been in nearly 30 years. Fortunately, most of our students have average to good credit. Most have been responsible in their financial decisions and are in a position to secure loans and lines of credit to move forward their real estate investing efforts. However, many of our students have blemishes in their credit history. Even some of our best students have need to repair and improve their credit.

This workbook is dedicated to teaching our students the tips, tricks, and strategies of building and repairing your credit. Our goal is to help our students strengthen their financial resume and enable them to take advantage of more real estate investing opportunities.


Workbook #5 – Foreclosure Opportunities

Today’s market presents one of the most opportune times to invest in real estate. While many are bemoaning the downturn in the market and the credit crunch, “bad times” also bring opportunity to those who understand the market and have the knowledge, skills, and resources to capitalize where others flounder. This is particularly true in a market where foreclosures have gone through the roof.

Success in the foreclosure market place is tied to your understanding of how the foreclosure process works, how to work with the homeowners in distress and be sensitive to their situation, how to work with the lenders and negotiate solutions, and identifying the right exit strategy to make it profitable for you and get the deal done in a timely manner.

The foreclosure marketplace can be a very profitable space to invest. The key is in understanding the steps and how to work the process ethically to create win/win for everyone involved. This workbook was written for that purpose!


Workbook #6 – Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate can represent the highest cash flow potential available through real estate investing. The capacity to generate multiple sources of income from one property asset is what differentiates commercial investing from other real estate assets. Multi-family real estate assets such as apartment buildings and mobile home parks can greatly increase your income potential and reduce your overall investing risk across multiple payers. Office retail space real estate assets can provide high yield returns with low risk contracts and financially solid tenants. In addition, commercial investments like Billboards can provide low initial investments with long term high cash flow returns with little overhead.

To understand the concepts of commercial real estate investing, students must understand the principles of cash flow and how to maximize the “best and highest use” of any given property. This workbook covers these core cash flow principles and provides the students the with the knowledge and tools they need to enter into the world of leveraged commercial real estate investing!


Workbook #7 – Tackling the Tax Code

Every real estate investor needs to understand the impact of taxes on their investing and business decisions. In this workbook, we cover some of the most common mistakes new investors make that result in paying an unnecessary amount of taxes on their real estate transactions. Although this workbook is not a comprehensive guide to the US Internal Revenue Code, the materials cover several key tax reducing strategies and write-offs that savvy investors use to reduce their overall tax liability to retain the highest amount of profits from their real estate transactions.

Our students understand that paying taxes is a responsibility that we all share, but a critical key to success in any business is not over-paying taxes and leveraging the appropriate tax reducing strategies to our ethical advantage!

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